Kita Redd Travels

I went on my first cruise in January of this year (2017), after YEARS of being morbidly afraid of large bodies of water. I’m talking not being able to watch the movie “Titanic” without feeling as if I were drowning whenever the ship started to sink. Well, it’s November, and I’ve been on 2 cruises already this year. I decided to start writing about my travel experiences as I plan many more!

Come away with me.

kita travel
Coffee, suitcase, traveling clothes, cell phone, and water. I think I’m all set. Bon Voyage!!!

1st stop… The Bahamas. Traveling aboard the Carnival Elation. We set sail from Jacksonville FL. Headed to Halfmoon Cay Bahamas. With stops in Freeport and Nassau.

I’m nervous as we arrive at the parking lot. There she is, The “Elation”, sitting there, waiting for me, like she knows that I’m afraid, I could swear she winks at me as if to reassure me that I’ll be fine.

The line to board seems to take forever, my stomach is in knots, feels like I’m gonna toss my entire breakfast right there. I look over at my friend Sabrina who invited me, she seems to be super comfortable, so at ease, but this is only her 100th cruise. She’s the cruise Jedi. The “Obi-wan Kenobi” of cruises and travel period.

Finally, we are at the front, and I have a clear view of the water and how the boat just sits on top of it. My GAWD, how is the water able to hold the boat as well as all of the people afloat? How does the boat seem to hover above it all? The few scenes that I HAVE seen from “The Titanic” start to rewind over and over in my head. And as Celine Dion’s voice replays, I look around for any doors that I think may be able to support my weight in case we sink. They convince me to stop and smile for a pic. And away we go.

Once aboard it was as I’d heard “a big hotel on water”. I really couldn’t tell we were on the water, save for the few rocky moments here and there. It was actually rather relaxing. The food was wonderful, the service was EXCELLENT!! Lots to do…Casinos, comedy clubs, movie theatre, even kid-friendly activities. I was even able to refresh my killer thriller moves via a “Thriller Dance Session”. Wow, how could I have been missing out on all of this fun in my life for 45 years?

5 days on the water and I’m hooked…

8 months later, I’m already on my 2nd cruise. This time we are bound for Havana Cuba. Only 4 days, but I’ll take it. Not as nervous as the 1st time. Actually, I’m excited. This time we’ll be setting sail from Tampa FL. aboard the Carnival “Paradise” (guess if you’ve ship, you’ve seen them all, no need to post a pic of it).

This trip turned out to be such an educational experience, from obtaining my passport, all the way through the trip itself. Learning the history of its country. An up close and personal tour of the area, and how the locals live. Learning that the average monthly earned income is a meager $20 per MONTH!!! So many things that touched me that I’ll never forget. How it’s pretty much frozen in 1959. From the vintage cars to the way the people live. How water is rationed every other day, and so is food. The free health care. I could go on and on. But I’m trying to figure out a way to really write about it in depth later.




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