Slivers of My Soul

So this Christmas my daughter hosted at her house. Let me say that again! So this Christmas MY DAUGHTER hosted … More

“Single-ISH” In the City

So I recently moved into my first one bedroom apartment… I know, I know, I’m a grandmother who’s about to become a “quinquagenarian”, and according to the “American Dream” I should be living in a house, where all of my kids and their babies can come, and visit, and possibly move in if they need to…

Selfishly Single?

For years I’ve been unable to merely go the bathroom and wipe my ASS without letting someone know my plans. My grandbaby even a few years ago would pull the shower curtain back when I was in it, like Norman Bates in a scene straight out of the movie “Psycho”, just to ask me “nana, what you doing?”. 

A Poem, by Nikki Lynn

Identical to you, Identical to me, identical to the intricate parts no one gets to see. Identical to self, self-falling apart. … More